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Tactics is a powerful new technology allowing traders to instantly modify orders and to assign a certain predefined Tactic with a single click of the mouse to a given working order. Depending on the current market situation the trader can decide what tactic is appropriate – and activate it right away without going through lengthy and error prone dialogs.

  • Want to turn a static stop into a trailing stop? One click.
  • Want to secure your profit once your are break even? One click.
  • Want to move an entry order one tick ahead of the market? One click.
  • Want to move a stop one tick without needing to slide it extremely precisely? One click.

Tactics seamlessly integrates with all of NanoTrader’s auto order capabilities such as TradeGuards and fully automated studies.

Tactics - How they work

Each working order is visualized in the MasterChart by a slider:

Wroking Limit order displayed in the Chart

By clicking onto the price box associated with a slider the available Tactics are displayed:

Available Tactics as configured in the study

Each tactic is represented by a button. To execute a tactic, just click its button, i.e., to change the order into an AutoBid order that continuously places itself at the best bid just click the “AutoBid” field.

Activated 'AutoBid' tactic


Sliding the order manually deactivates the current tactic and turns the order into a standard order which is static.
To hide the Tactics buttons just click again onto the price box of the order.

Tactics and the TradeGuard

A standard setup of a TradeGuard consists of a ClickStop and a ClickTarget. The Tactics are also available for both of them:

Tactcis are also available for orders managed by the TradeGuard

Note that the Tactics are different for the ClickTarget and ClickStop, e.g., the ClickStop has a “Trail” tactic that would not be meaningful for the ClickTarget.
To activate the “Trail” tactic, just click on it:


The 'Trail'-Tactic was activated

This tactic will automatically trail with the price offset that was present at the moment of its activation; in the given example this was 45 ticks. The Tactic displays this.
Note the little upward pointing arrow at the ClickStop:

Visualization of an active Tactic

The little arrow visualizes the fact that a Tactic is active even when the Tactic buttons are not displayed.
Some Tactics, like “+1 Tick” have a one time effect, i.e., once the tactic is activated by clicking on it the corresponding action is performed for exactly one time. Other tactics, like trail, have a continuous action. The price is recalculated every time the orderbook changes, a new tick arrives, or when a new bar of the MasterChart is completed. Note the different colors used to display one-time and continuously working tactics.





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Aymar Tesseron
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