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Brokerage Providers

NanoTrader connects to the infrastructure of Patsystems which is supported by brokerage firms all over the world. Please see the list of Partners that provide you the NanoTrader technology. Usually solutions from brokerage firms include streaming realtime data and historical data.

NanoTrader connects seamlessly to the infrastructure of CQG. It supports trading as well as receiving CQG's live data with its outstanding quality. Historical data from vwd group can be added on demand.

Interactive Brokers
NanoTrader also allows to connect to the TWS of Interactive Brokers and to make usage of their historical and live data.

Please contact us if you are interested in connecting to a trading environment based on the FIX protocol.

Data Providers

NanoTrader can be connected to the following data sources

  • eSignal
  • CQG
  • b.i.s. and TaiPan RT (german providers)
  • historical data from vwd group
  • data in MetaStock format
  • ASCII data